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Published and unpublished articles on shamanism
Here are some published articles and other writings by Nicholas that we have found of interest. You are invited to post any of these articles on your web site or discussion group with the following caveats: 1. Ask first. (It is only honorable.) 2. Provide a link back to this site. These articles are copyrighted, and if you don't honor those caveats, you will be dishonorable, and we will require you to take them down. (We actually do check periodically, so just be honorable. Google will tell on you.)


The Durango / Ignacio Earth Renewal Ceremony

Physiological Explanation of the Two-Sided Shamanic Drum

Winter Solstice
beginning the journey into the new year

Changing Ceremonials
short discussion on why shamanic ceremonials are not changed

The Gift From the Moon
how moontime came to women and how it might be honored

Bear Challenge

Honoring the Buffalo: The Agreement Between the Great White Mother Bear and Grandmother Cedar

On Being a Shaman
Interview with Nicholas Noble Wolf


First Shaman and the Winter Solstice

How My Sweat Lodge Came to Be

Creator Makes the World

Words on Whites Working Native Ways