Words on Whites Working Native Ways

~Nicholas Noble Wolf

Thank you for this opportunity to share some words from my heart on the subject of Whites working Native ways.

The people of this continent are made from the dirt here on this continent and their spirits resonate with the soul of the Mother as she expresses herself here. This has nothing to do with racial genetics. But, when we add genetics to the equation, the expression of the Mother Earth will be different for each race. So, even though a White man, Red man, Black man, or Yellow man has been constructed from, and lives, on the Earth in North America, each one's individual expression of the heart of the Earth will be different. Therefore, it is inappropriate for a person of one racial stock to try to pray like that of another. If he tries, he will only be performing a poor imitation.

However, the White people lost their traditional earth-based religion the same way that the Red people of this continent nearly lost theirs - they were forced to adopt the new religion. It is honorable for Native American people to embrace the opportunity now presenting itself and come to the assistance of those having honor and sincerity in their hearts as they try to reclaim that which has been lost for so long. This reclaiming is done, not by a White’s becoming Indian, but through the assistance of those who carry the knowledge and the ways of spirit, to help others awaken to their own spirit’s intent. Then, as one awakens to their spirit’s intent, ceremonial forms will raise their heads to be expressed. And, if the person has been taught correctly, the ceremony will be an expression of spirit, not a made up or copied ritual such as so many Native peoples fear. As a friend of mine once said, “The scariest thing about the White man is that he isn’t aware of his own medicine.” It is this lack of awareness that breeds the irresponsibility that we have seen as the White man creates things like atom bombs. For if one honors his medicine, he will care-take its expression into the world for good purpose.

So, I see the fear of the White’s working Indian ways as extremely valid. For example, in what way will that pipe become twisted because we have so many “pipe carriers” that aren’t even aware that they have nothing but a chunk of rock and piece of stick since their pipe is not tied to the spirit of White Buffalo Calf Woman. Most of the self-described, White “pipe carriers” don’t even know that there is, in fact, a metaphysical connection between a true pipe carrier’s pipe and that spirit. And, if by some luck or accident, the imitator’s pipe should become connected, will they empower that spirit or draw power from it? In fact, this is the real worry, for whether it’s a pipe or some other ceremony, the spiritual essence of that ceremony must be kept empowered so that the ceremony will continue to work. This takes knowledge and responsibility.

In closing, let me say that no person can tell another how to pray. And, while I can teach someone how I pray, I can not teach them how they should pray. The best one can do is to help another find their own way.

Thank you again for this opportunity to share these few words.