Analyzing Spiritual Events


~Nicholas Noble Wolf

One of the things I have noticed through my various interactions with people is their desire to analyze spiritual events, be they dreams or whatever. I wish to mention that this analysis actually takes the spirit out of the event.

Analysis and investigation are western concepts. They are the way people are taught—read this and analyze it. Do this experiment and analyze what happened.

When one is seeking the meaning of "god" then one is not experiencing "god".

Shamanism and medicine ways are about experiencing. They are about being with spirit, not about figuring spirit out.

A shaman friend of mine recently wrote a discertation on soul retrieval where he described the three souls and how negative conditions within each soul would manifest differently into a persons life. This was interesting to the analytical mind, but had no relevance to anything beyond a scientist's investigation.

For example, if a person were to come for assistance in their life, is a shaman going to talk to them about what is going on in their life, then from that analysis determine which soul is having difficulty based on the person's description, and finally utilize that analysis to doctor the right soul? Not any "shaman" that is shaman. In doing that analysis, a person would be so much in their head that spirit would not be heard as it cried out to them.

No, a shaman would utilize the ceremonial ways that he was given to determine what was wrong and then correct it. He is not going to worry which soul has a difficulty. In fact, why there is a difficulty may not even be relevant. The only thing of importance and value is knowing/trusting what needs to be done and then doing it. It is medical doctors who try to figure things out through analysis of the condition who operate that way so they can figure out which drug to prescribe or where to operate, not shamans.

If you have a dream or vision, don't try to figure it out. Psychotherapists try to figure things out or help a person to figure things out. Accept the dream or vision at face value. Your inner self knows what it is about. Accept it for what it is. If it is a dream of your dead mother talking to you, accept that your dead mother is talking to you. Don't worry as to whether you are making it up or not. The value is not lost no matter whether the case. If it is your own subconscious talking to you, it is still your mother--the part of her that is within you. If it is the spirit of your mother, the value is no more nor less to you. In either case, you have received something of value in your life--something that is exactly what you needed at that time.

Maybe you have a dream where an animal comes and talks to you or teaches you something. Does it matter whether it was the spirit of an animal that came to you or your higher self speaking to you through the visualization of an animal teacher? I think not. What is important is that you have received something of value which you now have opportunity to utilize and develop within your life. Utilize it to the maximum. Empower the knowledge and experience. Accept it as something of value. Empower that value. Don't draw the power out of it be anylizing it. Be grateful and offer appreciation. Say thank you. Just say thank you.

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Posted 11/12/2006

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