Creator Makes the World

~Nicholas Noble Wolf

A long time ago, Creator decided to make the world. He made the stars and the heavens. He made the earth, the sun and the moon. Creator made the oceans, the plants, the mountains. Then he made the animals--the swimming ones, the four-legged ones, the flying ones, and he made the creepy-crawlers. He made the people.

After Creator had made all that is, he gave to each the amount of power or life-force each needed. After distributing the power, he found that he had some left over. He thought about what he should do with this extra power. Arriving upon the answer, Creator made four Grandparents--one for each of the four directions. To each of these he gave one fourth of the remaining power that each Grandparent might hold it in caretakership.

Anyone in need and asking with humility will receive power held by the Grandparents for assistance in their life.

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Posted 11/12/2006

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