~Nicholas Noble Wolf

Long ago in a different time and planet, lived these people who traveled extensively. The would totally free their spirits to journey to other planets, worlds and times. They would totally disconnect. Functioning this way made it easier to go far as no energy was expended staying connected.

But, a disaster occurred. An asteroid struck their planet killing everyone instantly. Those spirits that were journeying at the time were left with no bodies to return to. They were not in their bodies where they could then pass over to the other side, to continue their spiritual evolution. They became wanderers, seeking bodies to inhabit. To this day, these spiritual wanderers travel the world seeking bodies. When they find a body that is available, they inhabit it and take over. I believe that these are the one's that some people refer to as "walk-ins".

So, we always want to stay connected to our body—we want to stay grounded. That way, if anything were to happen to our body, our spirit would instantly be pulled back, allowing it to pass over on its evolutionary journey. Furthermore, we have that connection that will help ensure that nothing comes into our body to take over while we are journeying.