Shamanic Medicine Camps

Nicholas leads shamanic medicine camps during the good weather times in a variety of locations in the US and abroad. A typical camp is 8 or 9 days long up to 14 days and includes a variety of teachings and ceremonials that can best be accomplished in a wilderness environment. Each camp has a specific theme that ties the various offerings together. These camps are an opportunity to live every moment in the shamanic state of being. He also occasionally runs mini-camps if requested.

Some examples of camps are:

Stalking Spirit - Spirit, that which moves within. That, which moves within....

If it is the soul which carries the matrix for who we are, then it is the spirit which determines who we will be. During this camp, you will journey into your inner self in search of that which you intend to become. You will search for your spirit’s purpose. You will search for the reason why you have chosen to become manifest at this time. We are searchers intent in finding the answers.

But, it is not only our own spirit we seek. We search for those who walk and fly. We search for those who live outside ourselves, in the shadows, the darkness and the light. We search for those who might help us on our journey. We stalk the spirits of others, and we stalk the spirit of ourselves.

During the course of this camp, you will use your soul to find your spirit and that of those you seek.

This will be a week of learning and growth. You will have camaraderie with others at this beautiful Rocky Mountain location where you are surrounded by tall pines and cottonwoods beside a wonderful stream. Join us for this opportunity to stalk your spirit.

Desert Dreaming - Amongst the mesas and junipers within the high desert of Utah, resides a special rock dome. Underneath, you find a place for gathering and ceremony. On top, you look into the space where the worlds become separate, where the dream world and the earth world part.

During this camp, you will step off the ledge into the dream, leaving the earth behind.

This will be a week of ecstatic experience. You will have camaraderie with others in this wondrous environment as you hike within the cliffs of the gorge and sit on the same ground where ancients made arrowheads and clay pots. Join us for this opportunity to begin living in the dream.

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