Doctorings and Consultations

Shamanic doctoring is the world's oldest technique for healing. Performed in the traditional way, shamanic doctoring typically includes songs and chants, the calling forth of spirit helpers, drumming, and the precise application of power (life-force) to create a transformation within the patient as specifically directed by Nicholas in accordance with their prayers.

Nicholas doctors people both in private sessions (only necessary helpers and the patient's personal supporters/family members are present) and in doctoring circles. Each has its unique benefits. Private doctoring sessions are typically 1 1/2 hours but may go on for several days in special situations. In a doctoring circle, each patient is doctored individually by Nicholas, and, as the members of the circle participate in support through prayer and meditation, the members also receive benefits in accordance with their needs.

When requesting a doctoring (or consultation), a small pouch of cigarette rolling tobacco is brought by the patient (or parents, if the patient is a child) which Nicholas then uses to send off prayers on the patient's behalf as he asks Grandfather how he is directed to be of service.

It is not appropriate for women in their moon-time to undergo a doctoring. Should a woman enter her time of the moon after she made an appointment, every effort is made to reschedule the doctoring at a time convenient to her. Additionally, because of their potential sensitivity to negative energies, women in their moon-time should not attend doctorings.

Some example doctorings are:

Egg Doctoring - Extracts unwanted energies and congestions from the body. Also useful in cutting cords and ties. Traditional doctoring for the "evil eye."

Soul Work - During his death initiations and the soul shattering they created, Nicholas learned the soul construction in a way that can only be learned through death and the subsequent reconstruction of his shattered soul. Work in this area includes mending of fractured souls, re-shattering and repair of souls of those who have undergone near-death experiences, and retrieval of souls or soul parts captured by other individuals. He also works within an individual's soul to transform the negative power created through traumatic experiences (sometimes referred to as "soul retrieval").

Extractions - Non-physical entities can enter a person's body through abuse, incest or other causes. Other disabling foreign bodies can also be introduced either on purpose through witchcraft or through life's circumstances. Nicholas can remove these through extraction, a method of doctoring abandoned by many because of the inherent danger to the practitioner.

Reweaving the Spiritual Body - Due to life's impacts, the spiritual body, which is comprised of golden fibers, will become tangled preventing one's spirit from expressing itself fully into the world. Utilizing a sacred song and medicine, the fibers of the spiritual body are loosened and untangled thereby assisting a person to move forward.

Transformative Doctorings - Utilizing traditional shamanic knowledge, relief for many degenerative conditions can be offered. These doctorings include an Eagle-staff Doctoring and a Deer Doctoring, among others. Some of these doctorings can be very extensive and take several days of continuous work.

Consultations - Private consultations and teachings are available for those seeking perspective on their lives and the various events and spiritual situations that have occurred. These situations are typically 1 hour in length. Moon-time is generally not an obstacle for consultations, but may be in a teaching situation. Tobacco should be offered for the same reasons as for a doctoring.

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