Nicholas conducts various ceremonials at auspicious times and at the request of individual sponsors. These include:

Earth Renewal, A Traditional Shamanic Ceremony of Dance and Song for Caretaking the Earth - The web of the Earth is the web of all things. You are the Earth. There is no nobler commitment of your spiritual and social resources than to communicate, unequivocally, to the Earth and all her peoples, that you care. The Earth Renewal Ceremony provides just such a means of expression. Therefore, as Grandpa Peña of the San Juan Pueblo in New Mexico asked prior to his death in 1982, this ancient ceremony is taught to newcomers, and performed by a gathering of the People on various occasions. The dancers:

Dance as Caretakers!

Dance in Celebration!

Dance Knowing They Are the Earth!

Included are the telling of the ceremony's origin, teaching & Ceremony of Earth Renewal, the Give-away Ceremony, and Feast of Plenty. You do not have to be familiar with this ceremony in advance. A complete teaching and extension of the Earth Renewal into your life is conducted for all newcomers.

The Earth Renewal is danced for four worlds (rounds) as a short dance, or all-day running from sun-up to sun-down.

Women in their moon-time may attend this ceremonial if they desire. They do not dance nor pay any fee and sit, honored, in prayer during the dance, painted with red earth for their protection. They may participate in the Give-Away and Feast.

Drummers, singers and supporters are always encouraged to come and assist.

Bring a personal possession to release in the Give-Away Ceremony (no feathers or crystals), pot-luck dish for the Feast and a folding chair or similar to sit on.

Here is an article by Nick that offers description of the Durango/Ignacio Earth Renewal.

Sweat Lodge - This ceremony is somewhat familiar to many and is run traditionally with four rounds or doors. It includes a small lodge where the participants pray while water is poured on hot rocks. Like the steam purifying the body, the Grandfather Fire power purifies the soul and spirit.

Eagle is called for the assistance of the participants, and the lodge itself becomes the cave or womb of the Great White Mother Bear, she who purifies the spirits. Traditional songs are sung, and each participant receives opportunity to verbalize their prayers.

Appropriate sweat clothes are a sweat dress or comparable for women, shorts for men. A potluck is held afterwards.

Note: Women in their moon-time do not sweat. (If you would like more information on the traditional knowledge and protection of women in their moon-time, you may read the article titled Gift of the Moon by Nicholas Noble Wolf.

Coming of Age - Nicholas works with boys who desire to make the step from the side of the women to the place of the Man. Support from one or more parents is required.

Marriage Ties - If you really want to be married, this way will bond you together at the soul level.

Caretaking the Fire - It is the responsibility of the men that they should care-take the Sun Father on the night of the winter solstice, ensuring that he rises again. A similar ceremony, known as Yule, was performed by the Celts.

Ceremony of the Seeds, A Shamanic Journey for Caretaking Yourself - The winter is the time for letting go of any negative results of the previous year and empowering and nurturing the positive. In this drum journey, you ride on the back of the spirit of Horse into your Underworld Soul where you have stored the seeds you created this past year. Carrying those seeds into your Celestial Soul, you will examine them from your higher plane. Those that are life-negative are discarded. You then return with your positive seeds to your Underworld. Calling upon the power/life force residing there, you then empower your remaining seeds so that they may grow into strong, healthy plants that will manifest positively in your life this coming year.

This powerful and transformative ceremony can be worked only during the winter. Women in their moon-time are welcome to attend this ceremony if they desire. They sit, honored, in a second circle and painted with red earth for their protection.

Funerals - Nicholas works both with those left behind and, as a psychopomp, is able to ensure that the deceased passes over continuing on their way through making the return journey himself.

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