Vision Quest

Hello, I am from Scotland.
     I have been born with a gift that requires me to go on a vision quest. I have been prompted every spring for the last 5 years. I know that I require to undergo some form of shamanic death within myself but do not know who to see. I did not choose to be this way, and I am having problems switching things off inorder to complete my "normal' life.
     I am a psychology student at Glasgow university in Scotland. I am ready to take a step but I feel that I need to be under the watchful eye of an experienced practiced shaman. I have had many interesting adventures in inner space and have met some friendly animal spirit guides. The first one was a huge brown bear—I still do not know his name!
     If you have any advise for me, or contacts, I would be very pleased to hear from you.
     Many thanks
     ~Joanna M.

Hello Joanna,
     I do feel that it can be wise to have a knowledgeable individual watching over a person when the are questing. However, depending on what you intend to accomplish, it is not necessarily required. I have spent much time out in the woods alone praying and fasting. I just followed my spirit. I know you have some fairly remote (away from the city) areas up in Scotland.
     I don't put women up on the hill in the same way I might a man. I have found it appropriate for women to have some sort of shelter. This doesn't mean that women are not as tough as men, just that they are different and have different needs. Needless to say, each person is an individual, and I am guided by the direction given by the sprits when I send off the person's tobacco prayers as to what is appropriate and right for that individual.
     You might wish to consider learning about women's moontime. Great revelations and knowledges and experiences can come forth to a woman who meditates at that time. You can find my article on The Gift of the Moon, How Moontime Came to Women and How it Might Be Honored at to get you started. You can also write to my wife Anne on that topic.
     Thanks for writing. I hope I have offered some assistance in some way.

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