Do you know the Bear Star? Where will I find her? I heard too she had a Bear Cave in the stars. Have you ever travelled to the stars?

Dear Francesca,
     Hopefully you can identify the big dipper as that is the only reference I can offer. Follow the arc of the handle through the sky and you will come to a bright white star. That is the Bear. I know of her as the Great White Mother Bear--she who takes the souls of the animals when they die into herself, blessing and purifying them, and then ultimately returning them to be born anew. Her cave is nearby--it is a group of 7 or 8 stars in the shape of a horseshoe (more or less). Her cave has another name to Westerners, but I can't remember it as it is the Bear's cave to me. Hmmm, maybe it is the Corona Borealis, but I'm not sure.
     I have been to her cave and sat with her there.

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