Spiritual Medicine

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Hi Barbara,
     Good to hear from you. I hope all is well!

> I was wondering if you could explain to me what a medicine is,

     As I define it, a medicine is a relationship with a spirit such that that spirit will respond in accordance with one's intent (it will do what we want).

> how a person finds their medicine,

     It finds you. However, we can do things to "help it out". For example, if I were to desire to have Eagle as a medicine, I might make offerings and dedications to Eagle. I might offer up prayers. I might offer gifts of power whenever I saw an eagle in the sky. I might sing his song every morning. Things like that--all done without expectation (maybe hope, though) of any return from him.

> and once 'received' how to honour and call upon it.

     The medicine will tell you. Just ask.

> And..., is a particular medicine specific to one person,

     Some (maybe many) people who follow "medicine ways" never receive a medicine.

> or are there many medicines which one can learn to use.

     Some people receive more than one medicine. These people may become known as medicine people if they develop their abilities through much practice and effort and exhibit honor. However, to have one medicine in one's life that will assist a person and that the relationship with is strong, is awesome.

> Also, I wanted to thank you and Anne for the wonderful work you do :-)

     Thank you.

> (PS: if you wish to reply....)

     I am honored to have you think that I might have any type of answer that would be of value. I will always reply.


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