Protection from Witchcraft

Dear Nicholas,
    How does one protect themself from being witched?

Dear Joan,
     First, people should recognize that their fear is causing much of the problem. I think that we are fortunate that few people know how to do a witching that carries any power.
     Someone once asked my teacher how one does witch another (they were asking in a good way, not looking for instruction) and he said that if you knew how to undo a witching, then you would know how to do one....
     There are two fundemental ways of protection that I know of. One is to create barriers or walls or defenses using one's own power with or without help from one's medicines. This works well as long as one can maintain a defense that is more powerful than the attack. Two is to become invisible so that anything sent one's way passes through. This is very difficult because as soon as we put our attention on the attack, we will tend to atract it to us. However, successfully learned and implemented, this defense will always work, no matter the power of the attack.

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