Elemental Spirits & Little People

Dear Nick,
     Can you talk about elemental spirits and how one can meet them?

Dear Douglas,
     There are three sprites that I am familiar with:
     Damazhoni (damazhon, plural) or "wishbones". These ones look like fireflies, I guess. The way I see it, Tinker Bell of Peter Pan fame was one of these. They will follow directions, but are not very smart. These ones are useful as helpers and must be captured.
     Pixies or plant spirits. These are about the size of one's hand and live in the woods. Anyway, these ones take care of the plant people. They may be observed in the woods by paying attention. Offering of tobacco and copper can be used to attract them. They look like little bobbles of faint light. Some of them can fly.
     Dwarves or elves are the "little people". There are tales of wars between these small folk and the humans. The small folk learned to step through the dimensional barriers. While I can not prove it, I believe these are the ones responsible for most "alien" abductions. They have always taken people away--Rip Van Winkle, for example. These ones are trouble, and you do not want to meet one (no matter how big a pot of gold you have been promised--smile).

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