Ceremonial Herbs

     I am ThunderStarr. I am new and wanting to learn. I am making smudge sticks, or trying to. I want to show my sons, the old ways. The one son said they used sweetgrass or some other grass for this. I have been useing crochet thead for this, the very, very thin kind. We have a shell bowl that we use now along with a feather. But he wants to make smudge stick, so if you can tell me the right way to do this please, please, help!
     Many Blessings,
      Summerfield, FL

Hello, ThunderStarr,
     The type of tie you are using to wrap up smudge sticks is fine so long as it is 100% cotton. Stay away from polyester thread. Who wants to be blessed by burning plastic :)
     However, you seem to be unsure what to put into your smudge stick. I highly recommend that only one plant go into a stick as each plant has it's own characteristics. For example, sweetgrass is for general blessing--for making a home a warm, inviting place. Generally, sweetgrass is braided and not added to a smudge stick, though. Then there is sage (salvia) and sagebrush (artemesia) which have no similar characteristics. If they did, would they be from different genuses? Anyway, salvia is for cleansing while artemesia is for calling up spirit (empowering) or calling in spirits. If you go to a store, you will often find that they are misrepresented, so don't trust merchants as being authorities on such things. Here is what I suggest to you and others:
     Go to a store that carries incense and purchase self-start charcoals. You light one and it has something in it that gets the whole thing going. Then sprinkle cedar leaves on it (leaves, not wood). Grandmother Cedar is known "everywhere" as one who blesses and purifies. She cleanses and chases away life-negative energies and beings. Grandmother will help in taking care of you and your family in a good way.
     You can purchase cedar at many metaphysical stores until you collect and dry your own.
     I hope these words have been of value.

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