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My intention in bringing these shamanic ways to the public is to assist people in stepping onto their spiritual path and walking it with a happy heart.

Often times we forget that we are spiritual beings who have chosen to become physically manifest so as to have experiences and to learn lessons that are only available within a physical form. When we made agreement to become manifest, we likewise made agreement to have certain experiences while manifest. Perhaps it was our intention to learn about hunger. Perhaps it was to learn about gluttony. Perhaps we came to learn about service, perhaps we came to learn about being served. Perhaps we came to learn about pain.

My son once asked, “If God cares about people, why does he let them starve?” God/Creator made all of this as a playground where the spiritual beings—us—could have the experiences that we desire. These experiences can be also called lessons. Therefore, my answer to Jamie was that Creator provides the experience of starvation so that we may learn its pain. Once that has been truly learned, then the experience is no longer necessary. Therefore, hunger and extreme starvation are not “bad”. They are but one of the lessons that some of us have come to learn about this time on earth.

You might then wonder if that means that we should not try to feed the starving people. No, some of us are here to learn giving, and that may mean that our giving is of food to those who are hungry. If there were not those who were hungry, this way of learning to give would not be available to us. In this situation, hunger offers a two-fold opportunity.

Sometimes I hear people say that if they are walking their spirit’s path, then their life will be perfect. That is true and not true all at once. Perfect means that one is learning the lessons that one has come to learn. It does not mean that all will be happy and easy. However, if one is on their path, they will be spiritually happy even while sitting in the classroom of life. Of course, once one has learned the lesson they came to get, they can move on. They can either die, or set up new experiences to receive. Either is fine. Sometimes death of the physical body is a logical conclusion to the lesson. Then one’s spirit can pass over and decide to return for more lessons when ready. Maybe, the next lesson can not be reached from a person’s current place on earth, so dying is the only way to get to it.

So, if I am doing my job, then I am assisting a person to receive their lesson and get it, for once it has been gotten, it is not necessary to continue the course. Sometimes you will hear me pray for myself or another with, “Creator, help me to get this lesson without a lot of suffering.” In that way, I am hoping that I won’t have to have the lesson keep beating on me. If it is an uncomfortable lesson, I’d just as soon get it today as tomorrow. Of course, if it is a fun lesson, then we all have a tendency to be indulgent. That’s ok, I guess. At least it’s understandable. But, those lessons are often the toughest to learn as we indulge in the class.

So, when we are walking our spirit’s path, our life works, we are happy in the face of all that is occurring around us. But, it doesn’t mean that everything is candy. It means that we feel centered inside. For when we feel centered inside, we have a deep inner peace and joy no matter what is happening in the physical world.

May you have peace, joy and many blessings in your life.

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